T H I S is Lace & Bustle Bridal

A couple of months ago I had the sweetest dream. It was full of layers upon layers of luscious tulle, gorgeous blooms from an enchanted garden, a beautiful girl who spoke with her eyes, and a team of 6 powerful women who could conquer it all. Funny thing was, it wasn't a dream at all... it was as real as could be! Sharing with you images of that day that captured everything that Lace & Bustle represents. True Beauty. 

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Beyond grateful for the creatives that helped me bring Lace & Bustle to life through film. Our lovely model Miss Sierra Rachelle Lippert, Em the Gem (Emily Scott) behind her powerful lens, The Glamourist (Jane Kim) with her magic wands, Miss Tulipina (Kiana Underwood) with her heavenly blooms and Flower Girl Em assisting her. I couldn't have done this with out you ladies and I can't wait for us to do it all over again.  xoxo